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Your Taxi Sydney options...
When you need to book a taxi in Sydney, your options are not limited to taxi Sydney services. Although there are many different great taxi Sydney companies which you may choose from. Some taxi Sydney companies which you may consider traveling with include:
Click on any of the above taxi company names to get contact details and an image of the taxi fleet.

If you know of any other taxi Sydney company which should be listed here, but is not, feel free to send us a message using our feedback form!
Direct Taxi Company Contact Details
  • Taxis Combined - 13 33 00
  • Premier Cabs - 13 10 17
  • St George Cabs - 13 21 66
  • ABC Radio Taxi - 13 25 22
  • Legion Cabs - 13 14 51
  • Lime Taxis - 13 54 63
  • ComCabs - 13 34 22
Blue Mountains Taxi Hire - Another option to consider!
If you need to book affordable transfers in the Blue Mountains suburbs then you have come to the right place. Click on any of the suburb listings below for more details on limo booking for an affordable price (Sometimes the same as a taxi):

Taxi Blackheath
Taxi Blaxland
Taxi Blaxland East
Taxi Bullaburra
Taxi Glenbrook
Taxi Hazelbrook
Taxi Katoomba
Taxi Lapstone
Taxi Leura
Taxi Linden
Taxi Medlow Bath
Taxi Nattai
Taxi Oakdale
Taxi Wentworth Falls
Taxi Werombi
Taxi Woodford
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